Amass Skill Ventures Private Limited is a Skill Development Company set up to work and promote the vocational and skill education in India for the welfare of the nation. Amass Skill Ventures Private Limited is a leading organization in the area of skill and vocational education and its mission is to work for the society to enhance the employability and productivity of people. We at ASVPL provide “The Proficiency Based Education” with best technology, modern, prudence & the pioneering in the on-job trainings. AMASS- means “Increase by Addition and Growth”. Adding in skills will not only contribute in the quality but ultimately improve the effectiveness of the students. ASVPL Helps in delivery of skills using technology either by Laptop, Tablets, video and Mobile etc

"ASVPL is one of the leading company in consulting which helps industries for development and implementation of various management Systems (ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, OHSAS18001 etc.) and implementation of best practice (5-S, Kaizen, Lean, TPM, Six-Sigma etc.). ASVPL is considered as one solution hub under one roof for students & industry with high quality services. ASVPL, after receiving appreciation from indian industries, working professionals, students with an impressive counseling network system, is now ready to step into the international market coupled with strong research and development Division , cost effective & innovative services. One of the key business strengths of ASVPL is Its experienced, well trained & professionally equipped team consisting of more than 300 employees to serve exactly what is needed at various stages from career counseling till certification and placement of candidates."

Amass Skill Ventures is a unique training platform which serves from school dropouts to corporate professional as well industry for their growth and well-being.

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The biggest dilemma in Skill Development is the lack of connectivity of Industry with candidates. There is no such platform where industry can share their thoughts about kind of skills and competency required in the candidates. Amass Skill Ventures Pvt.Ltd. have developed a platform where we invite industry experts to our campus and discuss with them for their Skills/Competency requirements. These discussion with experts becomes a useful information/knowledge to the candidate to get themselves prepare as per industry expectations and standards.

Voice of Society

In present scenario it is noticed that, Indian Society still give more weightage on higher degree or qualification not in skill Development program ,which leads to deficiency in candidates employability skill . But the fact is that a large no of successful entrepreneur / Businessman are setting examples through their skills not from higher degree or qualification. It is important to the candidate/ society to understand the significance of skills. Amass Skill Ventures Pvt.Ltd provide a unique platform where these successful entrepreneur/ businessman and society come together , discuss and acquire information/ knowledge/skill which are highly beneficial to become future entrepreneurs.

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